Business development requires new approaches to building a customer loyalty system. Discounts are a simple and effective tool, but too costly for the seller. Often there are situations when the company offers a discount of 10%, while the seller loses up to half of his earnings

We present opportunities for building smart loyalty systems managed by «Server POSITIVE» software.

       Our loyalty systems:
  • based on the interaction of various enterprises,
  • use a unique scheme of work with gifts from partners,
  • include various joint or individual bonus schemes.

The use of progressive ideas allows you to build a scenario in which all participants benefit.

основаны на взаимодействии различных бизнесов,
Оne seller doubles the
average check without giving discounts.
основаны на взаимодействии различных бизнесов,
Consumer gets
more goods and services for less money.
основаны на взаимодействии различных бизнесов,
Another seller
receives a stream of additional customers.

Any enterprise has inherent natural restrictions. The most common of them:

  • Low trade margin in a competitive market;
  • High cost of advertising to attract new customers;
  • A small range of products that does not allow the bonus system to be attractive to the consumer.

Breaking out of these restrictions within one enterprise is difficult. Only cooperation allows to overcome these limitations.

We propose to build loyalty systems that based on the interaction of different non-competitive enterprises at the level of working with clients. Coalition bonus programs
become much more attractive to consumers. The use of gifts from partner enterprises is especially effective. Many businesses have the opportunity to offer their products or services at very low prices.

  • Cinemas, theaters, concert halls, amusement parks, sports grounds
  • unsold tickets
  • Any cafe and restaurants
  • some dishes
  • Hotels, spa centre, sanatorium, rest homes
  • Idle rooms
  • Service providers
  • Retailers
  • staff members that don't have full workloads
  • particular goods or services

These reserves can not be used to work with their customers. Only distribution through partner companies turns them into resources for getting new customers.

Software “Server Positive” is developed to build and manage various scenarios of bonus-gift systems.

Create your own group or connect to the existing ones and get into a new reality, where:

  • Your partners increase interest in your business and send customers to you;
  • You reduce the loss of your money on discounts or bonuses;
  • Receive new customers and the opportunity to sell them additional goods or services;
  • A partner gives your “POSITIVEchik” to his best customers. The best come to you.
A buyer can get a valuable gift for him. This is not a 2-5% discount. The benefit can reach 50% of the purchase price. Your business and partners get a satisfied  ustomer.