Benefits of "Positive"
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We present growth opportunities to businesses building smart loyalty systems with the “Server Positive” software.

       By using our loyalty system:
  • award your best customers by giving discounts valid for variety of different brands,
  • offer special gifts to your customers and create a “wow effect”,
  • manage all of your promotion campaign on a single digital platform.

Using out system allows you to build a scenario in which all participants benefit.

основаны на взаимодействии различных бизнесов,
Оne seller increases the
average check without giving discounts.
основаны на взаимодействии различных бизнесов,
Consumer gets
more goods and services for less money.
основаны на взаимодействии различных бизнесов,
Another seller
receives a stream of additional customers.

Benefits of our loyalty system

  • Increase the average spending of your customers (the long check);
  • Get new customers;
  • Sell at full price;
  • Decrease the advertisement and marketing costs.

How our loyalty system works

  • Buy special discounts and offer to your customers or sell your own special discount to other businesses
  • Buy products and services with only its production cost from different businesses and present them to your customers as special gift offers or sell your own leftover products and free services to other businesses
  • Create your own business network or join to an open project network
  • Create your own campaigns and manage your promotional accountant in a single platform