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Why is the «Server POSITIVE» software better than regular bonus systems?
He has more opportunities. Using the «Server POSITIVE» software you can build own smart loyalty systems. It supports various bonus programs, including coalition programs, a unique gift system, working with automatic devices.
Why should I give my goods at cost price? What will I get in exchange?
In exchange, you get a new buyer. This buyer is guaranteed solvent one: he received a gift from your partner for a reason. Sell ​​him additional products or services, make sure that he likes your offers. Thus, you will have a new regular customer
Do I need to create own project or connect to others?

Your decision will depend on the answers to such questions:

Do you have several businesses located at different sites/platform or friends - entrepreneurs with their businesses?

Do you want to manage the work of the loyalty system or you are satisfied with working at the group with its own rules?

What should I do if my software is not represented in the list of supported?
Contact us and we will solve this problem together with your programmers. In the meantime, you can use our free software for Windows or Android.
How to choose a tariff?
The tariff depends only on the intensity of use of the system. If you find it difficult to determine, we recommend to start with a smaller one. You can switch from tariff to tariff without any problems.
Do I need to buy a server license?
A server license is required only for the creator of the group.
What is ‘the two-factor authentication’ and when should it be used?
The two-factor authentication is used as an additional information protection and client balances. SMS with the code is sent to the client's phone. The customer must inform this code to the cashier. Without this code, the cashier can not change the information. Whether it is necessary to apply the two-factor authentication is decided by the server administrator.
What equipment do I need at the outlet?
Additional equipment is not required during integrating with your POS system software. If you use our free software, then any existing computer with Windows, any tablet or smartphone with Android will work. If automatic machines are used, then a special controller is needed. Internet connection is required.
What if the Internet is gone?
Unfortunately, you have to temporarily stop working with the bonus system.
How to transfer a license to another device?
In the application settings of your point there is a field with a token for authorizing a point in the system. It is enough to copy this setting to another device.
What if my gifts no one will give?
Make a gift more attractive. You can reduce the price of compensation. You can offer another product or service. All in your hands.
What are open projects?
Owners of existing projects may invite to join them on mutually beneficial terms. We place this information on the site and advise interested participants. Apply for details.
Why do I need a telegram bot in the bonus system?
The client can independently become a member of the bonus system. The bot allows you to:
  • control balances;
  • view transaction history in the bonus system;
  • use promo codes;
Additionally, the client can find all outlets that participate in the system, as well as the client can log in to outlets, including automatic ones.
How does integration with the “Positive” bonus system increase sales in vending machines?
Integration will allow:
  • your machines differ from competitors;
  • attract additional customers through the interaction of other outlets;
  • individualize the offer for your customers;
  • increase customer loyalty through promotions, gift lotteries and other marketing events.
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