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The interaction of several enterprises with the help of «Server POSITIVE» software allows to achieve a positive effect for all partners. For example, a store (with a small mark-up on goods) distributes discount-coupons of an entertainment center (interested in increasing the number of
customers), provided that a purchase worth more than .... The store, without applying discounts on its goods, encourages customers to purchase more goods. The entertainment center attracts more customers and increases its occupancy rate without reducing prices for its main
customers. Interestingly, the gift to the buyer can be compared in value with the purchase amount in the store, in the condition of properly selected parameters of interaction between partners.

Scope application
Alliances in which interact:

  • Retail businesses.
  • Network of the petrol stations
  • Entertainment centers.
  • Sports clubs.
  • Cosmetic and medical facilities.
  • Restaurants, cafes.
  • Hotels, rest homes, holiday hotels.