Connection to projects - Bonus-gift loyalty system POSITIVE
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Connection to projects

Quick access to the opportunity of “Server POSITIVE” software is a connection to existing open projects. This can be the best option for a small business. Fill out an application online to find a suitable project.

How is it work? Only 3 steps:

  1. You define the special product / service - POSITIVEchik. This product / service has 2 prices: the price for the client (a market price), and the cost price.
  2. Place this product / service in “POSITIVE”.
  3. Further, the participants of the system can give your POSITIVEchik to their customers, at the same time a partner compensates you for the prime cost of the gift.

     Benefit for all!

  • Your partners increase interest in your business and send customers to you;
  • You reduce the loss of your money on discounts or bonuses;
  • Receive new customers and the opportunity to sell them additional goods or services;
  • A partner gives your “POSITIVEchik” to his best customers. The best come to you.
A buyer can get a valuable gift for him. This is not a 2-5% discount. The benefit can reach 50% of the purchase price. Your business and partners get a satisfied customer

Open projects:

 A long check with water parks.

1. АThe water parks in Odessa, Koblevo, Zatoka invite retail chains, network of the petrol stations and entrepreneurs in the southern regions of Ukraine to join the “Long Check with Water Parks” program.
By cooperating with us through this program, you will be able to distribute the promotional codes, which give your clients the tangible discounts when purchasing ticket to the water park.

Earn more with us. Stimulate your customers without giving discounts.

We have the successful experience that allows us to make cooperation profitable for you, for us and our mutual customer.

Fill out the applications on the site!

2. The network of water park «Aqualand», which includes water parks in Berdyansk, Genichesk and a new water park in Zhelezny Port, invites entrepreneurs from the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine and all comers to distribute the promo codes for water parks. Promotional codes provide an opportunity to get a discount of up to 10% when purchasing tickets to any of our water parks.

Cooperate with us.

Earn more with us.
Stimulate your customers without giving discounts.

Fill out the applications on the site!