The sale coupon - Bonus-gift loyalty system POSITIVE.
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The sale coupon

Many businesses to attract customers use a variety of discount coupons. Discounts can be both disposable and reusable, they can have different names, can be distributed to potential customers in different ways. They can look like a paper leaflet, a plastic card, SMS on the phone, etc. All of them have one common disadvantage - without organization of emission accounting and of coupon-codes using, - there is a danger of abuses by staff or customers.

The use of the «Server POSITIVE» software allows you to organize the accounting of emission and the control over the use of all coupon codes, to remove the negative aspects and enhance the positive ones in applying the sale coupons, regardless the software that uses at any point of payment. Vending machines for goods and services can be successfully used in this solution..

Scope of application:
  • Entertainment centers.
  • Sports clubs.
  • Cosmetic salons and health-care facilities.
  • Restaurants, cafes.
  • Hotels, rest homes, holiday hotels.