Internal cashless payments - Bonus-gift loyalty system POSITIVE
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Internal cashless payments

The organization of internal cashless payment can be used in various entertainment sectors. The main idea is to increase the opportunity to use various services for your customers in a limited area. Some services and products may be provided by automatic devices.  

The main problem faced when organizing an internal cashless payment is working with the administering software of different manufacturers. Partial solution of the problem - we have in view the situation when part of the outlets works with internal cashless payments, and another
ones deals only with cash money, - highly reduces the positive effect of the introduction of such payment system.        

The use of «Server POSITIVE» software allows to implement the internal cashless payments in any places, regardless of the used software at any point of payment. Vending machines for goods and services can be also successfully used in this decision.

Scope of application:
  • Water parks.
  • Amusement parks.
  • Children's playgrounds.
  • Sports clubs.