Additional opportunities of the ticket system
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Additional opportunities of the ticket system

Naturally, we have integrated the ticket system with the bonus-gift system "Server POSITIVE". Additionally, we added the opportunity to work with any promotional codes. What is the result? As a result, the ticket system received unique opportunities for stimulating sales.


Let’s learn more about the system's work. The buyer does the main work unnoticed for yourself. He becomes a client of the bonus-gift system "Server POSITIVE" automatically after he was registered in the client application. The application becomes a smart bonus card. With the help of the application, the client gets quicker identification at the stores. In addition, the customer can view his balances, their changes and get information about promotions, gifts and other offers. Having received a promotional code, the buyer can enter it into his application.


Promotional codes. A simple interface for generating promotional codes allows you to receive a file with promo codes in a few minutes for transfer to partners. Using the parameters of the promotional code, you can set a discount on the purchase of the tickets to the facility; you can set discounts on the purchase of other services in the facility, as well as assign the gifts to the buyer, which he can receive in it. The promotional codes can have some time limit and the restrictions on the number of usage. So that marketers can create the extensive networks of partners to attract potential buyers and can flexibility manage the customer flows.


The simplified identification of the buyer by the use of the application, in combination with other features of the bonus-gift system “Positive” allows you to launch various positive scenarios.


The seasonal institutions have the opportunity to retain existing customers and the ability to attract new customers in the off season. To this effect, business partners should be connected and it also needs to set up the work with the accumulation of bonuses when clients buy from partners. These bonuses are used to provide the discounts on the tickets for the next season.

Integratie van automaten met "Positive"

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* Make a purchase from 200 UAH and get from 100 UAH to 300 UAH to visit the water park

The program is designed for small and medium-sized businesses  working in the field of Retail and HoReCa.