TAK. Hyperspace of discounts
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Project «TAK. Hyperspace of discounts.»

A group of entrepreneurs, whose outlets are located in several regions of Ukraine, decided to provide their customers with the best loyalty system. In their opinion, such a loyalty system should provide functions:

  • combine bonus systems of different outlets as a loyalty system of one network;
  • take into account the specifics of different types of outlets: shops, services, food, entertainment, transport;
  • work with outlets owned by various entrepreneurs and legal entities;
  • work with outlets under the control of various control programs or without them;
  • ensure the possibility of accumulation of delivery on the balance of the buyer;
  • work not only with different types of bonuses, but also with gifts.


To implement these ideas, our company offered to use the script of the distributed bonus-gift system of software «Server Positive».

As part of the implementation, we have additionally created original specialized applications for buyers and sellers. Buyers' applications for Android and iOS, as well as bots for Telegram and Viber allow the user to:

  • manage their own account;
  • get acquainted in real time with the advantageous offers of entrepreneurs who participate in the system;
  • find outlets with advantageous offers;
  • accumulate and use various bonuses in calculations;
  • receive gifts on their balance from entrepreneurs and use them in retail outlets;
  • monitor your balances and transactions in real time;
  • simply and safely pay at points of sale using bonuses;
  • share your bonuses and gifts with friends.

The seller's application allows you to quickly serve the buyer with a QR code or by identifying him by phone number.

The launch of the project coincided with the quarantine announced in the country to counter the coronavirus epidemic. However, the effect exceeded expectations. With the general decline in consumer demand, entrepreneurs involved in the project were able to draw customer`s attention to their stores, their profitable offers and stabilized sales.

The project «TAK. Hyperspace of discounts.» іs an open project. It can be joined by other entrepreneurs who want to offer their customers the capabilities of the loyalty system, which were previously only available in large retail chains.

Modern technologies allow you to create unique promotional codes and distribute them pointwise, individually to each customer. The combination of uniqueness and individual distribution allows you to set the conditions under which the buyer can receive a promotional code. Thus, the promo code becomes a kind of prize for the buyer.

A group of entrepreneurs, whose outlets are located in several regions of Ukraine, decided to provide their customers with the best loyalty system.
Integration of the "Positive" bonus-gift system with vending machines creates new opportunities.
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* Make a purchase from 200 UAH and get from 100 UAH to 300 UAH to visit the water park

The program is designed for small and medium-sized businesses  working in the field of Retail and HoReCa.