В нескольких аквапарках и дельфинариях Украины используется электронная продажа билетов, разработанная нашей командой. Функции этой системы вполне обычные для подобных систем. Среди прочих, они включают в себя клиентские приложения под IOS и Android, с помощью которых можно купить билеты или абонементы в заведение, ознакомиться с новостями, построить маршрут до заведения и другая полезная информация.

Among our customers there are several large water parks which located in two regions. At the beginning of the season there are not many tourists and the weather is not always perfect. Accordingly, the water park is partially idle. Combating this period with help of simple price reduction is not the best way. Because of by lowering the price, we will lose part of the profits from those visitors who were ready to buy a ticket at full price. Also, leaving the standard price, we do not pick up those customers who could come if they have had the discount.

Every seller always solves the same problem. He needs to attract a buyer to his product and convince him to buy his goods. It is particularly relevant in the competitive market conditions. And if, at the same time, a seller managed to convince the buyer to buy more goods and thereby to
increase a bill, the seller's task is over fulfilled. The tools, that stimulate the buyer to purchase, have long been known. These are discounts, bonuses and gifts. All these tools work and sellers often use them. But they all have significant drawbacks. Let's try to analyze the disadvantages of discounts and find the benefits of them.