Cinema, Theater, Concert hall, Circus
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You are a Cinema/Theater/Concert hall/Circus.

Task. Increase the occupancy rate.

At the absence of the premiere shows of fashionable blockbusters, the cinema halls are not full. What tools can be used to attract additional viewers without reducing prices at tickets?


Solution. Use gifts and opportunities comes from partners - various shops and cafes and more. Partners give their best customers the right to receive tickets to your institution for free from the box office. You can control the number of possible gifts, set the time frame for the use of gifts, set the cost of buying a gift partner.

Using the “Positive” software allows

you to:

  • get additional customers who can bring friends with them at full cost;
  • sell more additional goods and services by selling to additional customers;
  • stabilise the daily fluctuations in the occupancy of the hall;
  • get free advertising platforms. Partners will act as advertising agents;
  • sell illiquid tickets for a fraction of the cost;

partners to:

  • Use valuable gifts to reward your best customers.


Used scenarios: “Unified bonus system”, “The sale coupon”, “Long check”