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You are a Hotel/ Tourist base/ Recreation center.

Task. Increase the occupancy rate. 

The insufficient occupancy rate of hotels depends on various factors: seasonal cycles, high competition and others. What tools can be applied to fix this?


Solution No. 1. Use the capabilities of partners - various shops and cafes. Partners give special bonuses to their customers, and you accept these bonuses as a full or partial payment for your services. Positive software makes it easy to manage the relationship between you and partners. You can set and control the rules for calculating bonuses and the rules for writing them off, including date, time, quantity, value. The geographical location of the partners does not affect the script's ability to work. Location only depends on your desire to attract customers from where.

Using the “Positive” software allows

you to:

  • attract additional customers and increase occupancy
  • reducing the price for new customers only
  • get free advertising agents - partners with different locations;

partners to:

  • Get an additional tool to stimulate your customers;


Used scenario: “Unified bonus system”


Solution No. 2. Present a promotional code that gives customers the opportunity to visit the cinema for free or substantial discount for an amusement park, etc. Promotional codes will be provided by your partners. A valuable gift will distinguish you from your competitors, leave pleasant memories of your hotel and increase the likelihood of a second visit or recommendations to friends.

Using the “Positive” software allows

you to:

  • create better advertisement;
  • consolidate the visitor's pleasant memories about your hotel;

partners to:

  • get an additional free advertising platform;
  • get additional customers.
Used scenario: “Unified bonus system”, "The sale coupon"

Task. Organize accounting for additional services.

Many hotels provide their customers paid or free additional services. For example: sauna services, equipment for sunbathing, the possibility of using playgrounds, special accessories for walking and more. Accounting for the use of these services is often done using paper media - accounting books, coupons, tokens, etc. Such primitive accounting creates opportunities to be abused by the staff and customers. Using paper coupons does not allow to see statistics of using additional services. Statistic can help to understand which service is interesting and which is not.


Solution. Upon settlement/extension of accommodation, the client can is charged with an appropriate set of additional services. While using the services, they are debited by the client’s balance from personnel or automatic devices. For identification of the client, one can use his/her phone number or a simple plastic card.

Using the “Positive” software allows you to:

  • increase the marketability of additional services through the use of test
  • increase visitor satisfaction through greater use of free additional services
  • use convenient analytics to manage additional services
  • minimize the potential of abuse by customers and staff


Used scenario “Internal bonus-gift system”.