Discounts, bonuses, gifts and cooperation. Part 3
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Discounts, bonuses, gifts and cooperation. Part 3

In previous articles, we looked at the benefits of using the unified bonus-gift system. We also demonstrated some simple examples of who can apply these ideas and in what ways they can be applied. In this article, we will focus on the advantages of the unified bonus-gift system managed by «Server POSITIVE» software.

Easy and effective implementation, without changing the usual automating software

All of us have some established habits, favorite things, daily recurring routes, actions brought to automatism, “a habitual software”. "A habitual software"  is often a convenient one. 

Taking into consideration the user’s features, our developers have created a system that does not require any rejection of "a habitual software". Instead, it complements your software. Depending on the specific case, you can choose one of the options for interaction of "a habitual software" with «Server POSITIVE» software


  • The direct interaction of "a habitual software" with «Server POSITIVE» by using the open API server. A programmer from the side of "a habitual software" can create such an interaction easily.. Our developers have already created interactions with the ticketing system, the automatic photographing system and the restaurant system.

  •  The interaction using the free Windows application of “Server POSITIVE” software. Sometimes it is not possible to organize direct an interaction. There can be a variety of reasons for that. For example, the connection with the developer of  "a habitual software" can get lost. There may be other reasons as well. However, it is not important. For those cases, we have prepared the free Windows application of “Server POSITIVE”. It provides all the functions of interaction with the “Server Positive”, moreover the connection with “ a habitual software” is carried out by exporting / importing some data what is provided for in “ a habitual software”. In this way, our programmers provide the interaction between restaurant and store retail systems.

In some cases, it is impossible to organize any interaction with “a habitual software”. In this case, the Windows client of the “Server Positive” can provide an independent work. It can be installed on a computer, laptop, netbook or tablet.

Working with automatic devices/vending machines

In the world of robots which are increasingly surrounding, our lives, the interaction with machines became mandatory. We could not stand aside and prepared special controllers.

You can create various automatic systems managed by the “Server POSITIVE” software, also the interaction of existing automatic/vending machines can be provided with the server. Our devices can control:

  • machines for control/recharge balance
  • slot machines
  • vending machines of goods/services
  • automatic machines for control of movement/presence

Using the controllers managed by the “Server POSITIVE” software, you can organize task. For example: for children slot machines, a billiard table placed in a cafe, an automatic machine for distribution of drinking water in an aqua park, and much more.

Thus, you can integrate all (or almost all) of the necessary points for customer service without any particular difficulty

 The low cost of launching a loyalty system

To optimize our clients' investments, we offer two options for working with the «Server POSITIVE» software: the full purchase or the subscription fee (a rent).

  1. The subscription fee. We place the server in the “cloud” and connect it to the outlets of different enterprises, united by a common goal to increase the sales. The monthly fee is demanded for using the service.
  2. The purchase option. One company purchases the «Server POSITIVE» software and connects its outlets and outlets of its partners. The server can be located both in the “cloud” and in the local network, depending on the tasks.

The most profitable option for the large business with a large number of transactions is the purchase of the «Server POSITIVE» software.   The investment will be recouped quickly due to the refusal of discounts and the increase of sales. 

The more appropriate option for smaller enterprises is a monthly fee. In addition, the decision can be made at any time during the subscription

Each company get the rapid increase of potential customers

In the previous article; we described how with the help of the «Server POSITIVE» software, clients of one enterprise become potential clients of other enterprises as well. Our long-term experience of cooperation with many water parks confirms that not all visitors use the additional services which are placed on water park territory. 

On average, only 10% of their visitors purchase additional goods/services. Not many people manage to take advantage of several additional offers. However, note that among potential buyers who locate at arm's length, only 10% of them make any purchases and 90% do not make. All we need is to stimulate the purchases among those 90% of visitors and we will see the rapid growth in the sales. 

The first thing that should be done is to remove all discounts and to start charging the bonuses to the buyer and give the correctly selected gifts from other outlets. The gift is selected so that when it is received, the client wants to buy more and is ready to pay some extra. It is important that client can not take his unused gifts and bonuses with him. They are deleted at the exit of the water park.

The behavior of an ordinary person does not differ much outside of isolated territories (for example, amusement parks, and shopping centers). It is known that every day, a person repeats his usual route. Do you remember how many retail outlets, shops, cafes, service points are located on your daily route. How many of them are the ones who have never visited your store yet? And why? Moreover, what about next street and further? Is there any way to motivate you to visit any of those outlets? Yes, there is. As a store, present a valuable gift or charge sizeable bonuses to stimulate your potential client to come to your outlet. A client will come for advantage. Many supermarkets use this psychology. They select one or two positions from their entire range of goods, make very low prices and advertise them throughout the city. If you react and come, you will buy a lot more other products. But those additional products will be sold with normal prices. What has happened? You have been given a good present and you have come to the store to pick it up. You were a client of the fish department (advertised a low price for fish), but you became a potential client of all the other departments and paid a check of half a meter at the checkout. Large businesses can do this. Small businesses need to combine their efforts under the control of the «Server POSITIVE» software.

A wide variety of different schemes that allows you to influence the behavior of customers.

The ability to change quickly and setting a customized scheme of work according to the internal factors.

The structure of the «Server POSITIVE» software wasis designed in such a way that matrices of outlets, counters and a set of permissions interact in it. Thus, the system administrator can quickly create rules of the tasks for outlets in payments with customers. Using these rules, the outlet motivates its customers and creates incentives for visits of the following outlets operating under the «Server POSITIVE» software.

The system administrator describes the rules based on the results of a preliminary agreement between the managers of outlets. Agreements and rules can be optimized, depending on new information, analysis of the progress or new ideas from participants. There are no restrictions for creativity, except for the cases include conflicts.

Transparency and ease of administration

During the operation of the unified bonus-gift system managed by the «Server POSITIVE» software, the obligations of participants to each others are accumulated by the system. The first participant gives the right of a gift at the time of settling with a client. The second participant gives the client this gift. At the same time, it gives the right of a gift from the third participant and so on. As a result, at the end of a certain period (for example, the end of work of water park), the task of calculating ("who" and "to whom" and "how much" each participant owes) among  participants arises. In addition to this task, the work scheme should eliminate the abuse of trust among participants. It means, if one participant only presents the right of gifts / bonuses to its customers, all the others should provide these gifts / bonuses for.

The point of sale that gives the right of a gift / bonus to the client becomes to owe  to server owner. At the time of transaction of the gift, the server owner makes the obligation to point of sale that gives this gift.

At the end of the period, it is enough for us to make one of the server’s report in order to see the result. Other reports will  create the opportunity to analyze the work of the outlet, the cashier, get statistics of attendance, etc. For the convenience, reports can be automatically sent to participants by e-mail.

The conclusion

This concludes a brief description of the technology. 

Do you want to know more details?, Please, contact us by email 

By the way, we invite dealers.

Modern technologies allow you to create unique promotional codes and distribute them pointwise, individually to each customer. The combination of uniqueness and individual distribution allows you to set the conditions under which the buyer can receive a promotional code. Thus, the promo code becomes a kind of prize for the buyer.

A group of entrepreneurs, whose outlets are located in several regions of Ukraine, decided to provide their customers with the best loyalty system.
Integration of the "Positive" bonus-gift system with vending machines creates new opportunities.
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* Make a purchase from 200 UAH and get from 100 UAH to 300 UAH to visit the water park

The program is designed for small and medium-sized businesses  working in the field of Retail and HoReCa.